3000 Mixer Mincer

The Thompson 3000 Mixer Mincer is the most robust, heavy duty 120kg Mixer Mincer manufactured in Australia.

The Thompson 3000 Mixer Mincer outperforms other Australian manufactured Mixer Mincers of the same classification offering:
- Faster Production Output Rates
- Better Quality Gear Reduction Drives
- Higher Graded Electrical Components
- More Powerful Motors
- Larger Diameter Heavy Duty Solid Stainless Steel Feedscrew
- Stronger Stainless Steel Barrel, Mixing Paddle and Locking
- Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Cabinet Construction – Fully Seam Welded Inside and Outside

The Thompson 3000 Mixer Mincer is constructed from heavy gauge Stainless Steel including Stainless Steel feedscrew and paddle. It is fully seam welded inside and outside and finished with smooth hygienic surfaces in an appealing satin finish to achieve clean bowl on product discharge. Removable Stainless Steel Mixing Paddle ensures easy and thorough cleaning providing maximum hygiene.

The unique design feedscrew channel with right angle mixing paddle that feeds and delivers continuously to provide Efficient Mince and Product Discharge with a High Definition meat particle and cut quality.

The Thompson 3000 Mixer Mincer is powered by 2 independent HELICAL gear reduction units and designed to deliver strength and reliability for many years.

The Reciprocating Mixing Action efficiently yet gently blends fat and lean product into homogenous batches. This guarantees product consistency.

The Thompson 3000 Mixer Mincer is designed to offer high capacity production in a compact size. Supermarkets, butcher shops and quality processing facilities will appreciate the performance of the Thompson 3000 Mixer Mincer. It is built to withstand the high demands of larger production.

Features of the Thompson 3000 Series Mixer Mincer:
- Low loading height of 1150mm
- Short production time for 120kg (180L) capacity
- High production rates of 3000 kg/hour on primary cut
- Constructed from heavy gauge Stainless Steel and fully seamed welded
- Stainless Steel feedscrew and paddle
- Removable Stainless Steel mixing paddle
- Lid with inspection slots to allow product to be added during operation

- 9.2kW Mince Motor
- Pneumatic Foot Pedal allows hands-free operation
- Gemini System allows 2 machines to be joined for continuous 1st and 2nd cut operation
- Ingredients and liquid pouring channel to lid
- Feedscrew knife and plate carriage

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