4000 Mixer Mincer

Used extensively in high production facilities throughout the world, the 4000 Series Mixer Mincer is renowned for its outstanding performance and reliability.

The construction of the 4000 Series is robust and built to last. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel a strong structured framework supports a thick gauge mixing bowl and panels that are fully seam welded both inside and outside the bowl.

The standard height machines incorporate a heavy gauge domed lid with an open grilled section for ingredients adding or viewing of the mix cycle. An ingredients or liquids pouring channel is also offered as an option.

The 4000 Series has been designed and developed to the high standards of safety and finish demanded by CE / USDA and GS regulations.

All models specifically incorporate the "smart design" mixing bowl and paddle and are finished with smooth hygienic surfaces to panels and welds to achieve a clean bowl on product discharge and ease the cleaning down process at the end of production.

The mixing paddle and mince transmission are powered with independent geared motor drives. no more oily greasy chains, no more continual maintenance of pulleys and belt drives.

Smooth, compact and quiet the heavy duty drives are very efficient in transmitting maximum power from large HP motors - featuring a standard 2 speeds on the feedscrew drive with high torque on low speed.

The performance of the 4000 Series speaks for itself.

• Stainless Steel elevating stands
• Variable speed drives
• Controllable mix / mince cycles
• PLC pre-set programmable control
• Product temperature readout
• GEMINI connection / systems
• Pneumatic lid operation
• CO2 Cooling
• Bone elimination system
• Feedscrew / knife & plate trolley
• Ingredients / Liquid chute in lid
• Load cells to mixing bowl
• Feedscrew ejector