Baader 135 - Herring / Fish Filleting Machine

Neat Baader 135 fish filleting machine designed for herring built in 1998. The machine has been completely overhauled by Baader in 2013. Only ran 200 hours since overhaul. Completely new condition.

This machine is especially designed for filleting small herring and pilchards within a size range head cut controlled by the fish, the adjustable tail cut and the safe feeding through the filleting tools guarantee an excellent yield of cleanly cut block fillets. Single fillets without dorsal fin as well as fried-herring cut with or without tail fin. Combined with the automatic feeder BAADER 478 for small fish, the BAADER 134 becomes a fully automatic filleting line with maximum utilization of its capacity while only one operator is required for supervising and occasional corrections.

Operator requirements: Up to 3 persons
Max throughput rate: 300 fish/ min - continuously variable
Power consumption: 1.70 kW
Water consumption: abt. 30l/ min

Type: 134
Year: 1998/ Overhaul 2013
Power: 3ph. 380V - 50Hz - 12A
Length: 300 cm
Width: 210 cm
Height: 120 cm
Machine number: 10278/ 100426
Maximum infeed: 300 fish/ min.

An excellent fish filleting machine.