Baader 601 with infeed hopper - Sold

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Technical Data
• operator requirements: 1 person
• Comes with 2 drums
throughput:The throughput values vary extremely independence of the hole size in the perforated dum, the type of feeding, the product and its pre-treatment (e.g. degree of pre-grinding), the feeding temperature, the selected pressure etc. The values for each application have to be determined individually between the customer of the machine and the supplier.

• dry running sensor to control product flow
• top feeding
• pre-condition unit
• automatic feeding
• infeed resp. waste conveyors
• castors for easy handling of machine

Customer Benefits
• highest end product quality
• reduced labour costs
• highly efficient with minimal space requirements
• user-friendly
• easy and time saving cleaning
• sanitary standards recognised world-wide
• gentle product processing
• reduced machine wear
• USDA approved and CE labelled
• ergonomic machine system
• castors for easy handling of machine