Carnitech 3107 Grinder - Sold

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The Carnitech 3107 grinder is ideal for grinding frozen blocks of meat, for example for pet food or fish feed. The capacity is up to 10,000 kg per hour.

The Machine is from 2010, has a single knive set and is in a very good condition. Carnitech's 3107 grinder is designed for grinding mainly frozen blocks, but is also suitable for the grinding of fresh meat.

The grinder is equipped with interlocking safety cover on take-away grinding head and crane davit. The grinder is equipped with safety features like tripwire. Overall a lovely stand-alone machine, or form part of an integrated processing line.

Motor: 110 kW
Hopper volume: 450 L
Capacity: Up to 10.000 kg per hour
Cut-knife: ø400 mm
Hole plate: ø400 mm
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