CP Silkcut LS 650

The CP Long slicer LS 650-45 is developed for horizontal slicing for fresh, cold smoked salmon and similar kinds of fish.
The machine is operated by one person, and the capacity is approx. 120 kg/h at the slicing of 1000-1100 gr fillets with a slice thickness of 2,4 mm.

All processes are controlled by a PLC, and the slicing paramaters are entered by the use of an operator friendly touch screen display.

The PLC adjusts the slicing length and height to the dimensions of the fillet, and it starts with short slices in the top of the fillet and the PLC will automatically increase the slicing lenght through the fillet. The height of the first slice is automatically calculated to obtain an exact thickness of all slices including the last slice.
The PLC adjusts the X and Y axis by servo-controllers and servo motors, still to obtain accuracy on slice thickness and length.

To optimize the slicing process and to reduce the wasted time, the length and the height of fillets are measured automatically on the infeed conveyor.

The PLC calculates the measured height and lenght, for each move on the X and Y axis.
Capacity: Up to 120 kg/hour

Cutting angle: Horizontal

Max product height: 45 mm

Slice thickness: From 1.8 mm

Max cutting width: 230 mm

Max slicing length: 650 mm

Product temperature 0° C to + 4° C

Electricity: 3x400V + N + PE / 3x220V + PE

Power consumption: 1.3 kW

Compressed air: Not required

Weight: Approx 340 kg

Dimensions (LxW): 2700 x 1200 mm