Cryovac 8620 Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packer

The Cryovac®8620 series machines are part of the range of highly succesful Cryovac rotary chamber vaccum packaging machines. They can be used for a wide range of products such as: processed meat, poultry, cheese and smaller fresh red meat cuts. The 8620-14 is the best middle productivity model.

Its main characteristics are:
- Five rotary chambers and 8 platens allow continuous supply of products at variable speed
- Changing to different products, shapes and sizes is performed quickly and with no need for special tools.
- "Soft" discharge for sensitive products
- The Loading table has been designed for easy loading of products at high speeds
- Bag width up to 350 mm

Key features:
- Rotary chamber vacuum packaging machine requiring only 1 operator
- Machine achieves up to 25 products /min
- Utilises well proven and reliable mechanical systems

The Line Consists of:
1 x Cryovac 8620-14 Rotary Vacuumpacker
2 x Busch RA 400 B Vacuumpump
1 x Busch Booster 1000 M3
  • ModelSingle chamber