De Jong/DJM 6 channel former-extruder DVSK6

This DVSK 6 channel Vacuum extruding machine / attachment from DJM Foodprocessing is ment to be linked to a Handtman ,Vemag or other Vacuum stuffer. The machine comes with several different moulds and is in absolute new condition.

This machine is ideal for forming/extruding
• Meat medallions
• Chicken nuggets
• Fish fingers & snacks
• Cheese sticks
• Croquettes & vegetable products
• Noodle or Bahji portions
• Bakery products

Technical Features
• Flexibility & easy change-over to other shapes by simply swapping nozzle’s
• High speed cutting system
• No water use (except for low weight portions)
• High production capacity: up to 200 strokes/minute
• Number of rows: 6
• Accurate weight control, guaranteed by DJM’s patented Pressure Dividing System ®