Formcook® Contact Cooker complete in line cooking system - Sold

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The line consists of three parts:
- Formcook® Double belt teflon contact cooker 250cm effective cooking length 110cm wide
- Food Design Applications indirect gas oven
- Formcook® Flowcook hot air steam cooker 10m effective cooking length 100cm meter wide.

The Formcook® Contact Cooker incorporates the principle of cooking the product continuously between two cooking belts since the most effective method of transferring heat between two surfaces is by direct contact. The Formcook® Contact Cooker is excellent for browning, searing and Sous Vide products since it utilizes intensive 260°C conduction heat transfer from top and bottom of the product simultaneously. This technology is excellent for flat, de-boned, whole muscle, minced meat products or bacon with a good contact surface. It also restricts excessive height expansion of products during cooking. The system uses a solid and stick-free product belt that handle heavily marinated, wet and sticky products.

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