Henkelman Polar 2-95

At the moment we have two used Henkelman Polar 2-95 vacuum packers in stock. These are the largest double-chamber vacuum packers Henkelman has to offer and are fully serviced in our warehouse.
The vacuum pumps with a capacity of 300 m3/h received new oil, oil filters and exhaust filters. The vacuum packers themselves had new seal rubbers, lid rubbers and teflon tape.

As you can see on the pictures one of the double-chamber models is able to pack with gas-flush so your product can be packed under modified protective atmosphere (M.A.P).

Room Dimensions (L x W x H): 730 x 1100 x 280 mm
Seal bars 2 x 1100 mm per chamber
Pump capacity 300 m3/h
Energy consumption 400V - 3 - 50Hz - 7,0 > 9,0 kW.
Cycle time 15-40 sec.