Henkelman Polar 80 - Used

As good as new Henkelman Polar 80 with a vacuum chamber of 51 x 76 x 20 cm and two sealbars of each 50 cm. This machine has been completely serviced in our warehouse.

The device is incredibly easy to use and even easier to clean. With easy removable seal bars and rounded corners, this machine is cleaned in minutes . Overall an excellent machine that can be used for years.

See the video for a short impression.

• Floor model
• Full stainless stee
• Easy to remove wireless sealbars

• Vacuüm: 99,80% (2 Mbar)
• Soft-air: To minimize the change of damaging the product.
• Gas-flush: Injecting gas for product protection and longer shelf life (modified atmosphere packaging, M.A.P)

• Double seal: 2 x 3,5 mm

• Digital: With memory for 10 programs
  • ModelSingle chamber