Italian Pack - Olympus Vac Skin Tray food packaging machine

ItalianPack Olympus is a semi-automatic food packaging machine for the vacuum, M.A.P. (vacuum+gas), skin packing and sealing packaging of pre-formed trays.

Its rotating turntable considerably cuts cycle times and optimizes output.

It allows for the loading and unloading of trays while the machine is completing the cycle in the second vacuum chamber.

ItalianPack Olympus is fitted with an automatic film rewinder and a special application allows for the use of printed films.

An automatic tray lifter is also available for increased speeds and easier loading/unloading operations. ItalianPack Olympus can pack up to 16 M.A.P. trays, 28 sealed trays and 12 skin trays per minute. Die changing takes less than 2 minutes

Our user-friendly touch screen display allows easy monitoring of parameters, storage of up to 99 packaging programs and language selection.

The same die allows for different types of packaging: film sealing only, M.A.P. and SKIN.

The moderate price of our dies makes it easy to custom-design our machines and to choose from an extensive range of tray sizes.