Marel / Carnitech Salmon Filleting Line

Marel / Carnitech Salmon Filleting line for sale

The line consists of:

1. Carnitech 2630 Filleting Machine
2. Eight station trimming line
3. From two / four lane conveyor
4. Carnitech CT 2612.40 Pin Bone Remover - four lanes 
5. Four person pin bone check station

Carnitech 2630 Filleting Machine is in superb condition and is designed for salmon and other species with a similar bone structure.  Due to its combination of band knives and circular knives, the Carnitech 2630 treats fillets very gently. The fish is placed in the infeed chute, belly side up. The feeding belts convey the fish to the cutting section, where the band knives automatically adjust to the size and shape of the fish. The circular knives cut as close to the backbone of the fish as possible to achieve a clean cut with maximum yield. The Carnitech 2630 is extremely flexible and can process most common kinds of salmon and trout, capable of running different trims according to individual customer requests.

Carnitech 2612.40 four-lane pinbone remover is designed for use in larger production facilities, and provides a capacity of up to 72 fresh salmon fillets per minute.  The Carnitech 2612.40 ensures maximum yield, minimises production time and improves product quality.