Marel 6-station Compact Grader CG-62 XL - Sold

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The Compact Grader CG62 XL is designed to grade large pieces of product, including whole fish and fillets and other raw material up to 70 cm long and 25cm wide at a throughput of up to 80 pieces a minute. The CG62 XL accurately grades and batches by weight and/or count, utilizing the M2200 terminal with a user-friendly interface. Like other Marel Compact Graders, the CG62 XL is a stand-alone unit with 6 gates that is ready to use and is easy to install.

Number of gates: 6
Capacity: up to 80pcs/min
Belt width: 305mm

Product weight: 40-3000g
Product length: up to 700 mm
Accuracy: +/- 5g (100-1500g) +/- 10g (1500-3000g)