Marel Proline grader 6 Stations

ProLine Graders are easy to set up and operate. This machine is available with full grading and batching capabilities, including intelligent batching, and is equipped with the user-friendly M3000 graphical interface available in several languages.

The main structure of the ProLine graders is non-tubular with as few horizontal surfaces as possible. It is quick and easy to put the ProLine Graders in a washing position that gives access to all parts for cleaning.

ProLine Graders are constructed with high-quality components that ensure long life and low maintenance. Operational costs are kept at a minimum with low air consumption, no lubrication and efficient drum motors. The simple, innovative construction and easy adjustments keep maintenance costs low.

Year of construction of this machine is 2007. Machine is operational and completely serviced.

Technical specifications:
• Temperature range +7°C to +40°C (+45°F to +104°F)
• Platform sizes 400, 500, 700, 900, 200+500, 200+700, 500+400, 700+400, 900+400
• Dimensions
o Height 1350/1650mm +/-100mm
o Number of platforms 1
o Belt width 305mm (effective width 290mm)
o Minimum division 470mm, 700mm, 1400mm
• Construction
o Material AISI 304 stainless steel and PE500 plastic
• Capacity
o Throughput Up to 160 pieces per minute*
o Belt speed 0.8 – 1.8 m/s
• Application
o Raw material Most non-sticky products
o Raw material, size Max. length 1100mm, max. width 280mm
o Raw material, weight 20g–20kg
• Consumption Air 80 l/min at 180 pieces/min
• Power Voltage 3 x 400 V + N / 3 x 230 V 50/60 Hz