Marel (Stork) RV0211 Speed Tumbler ST30 - Sold

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The SpeedTumbler is suitable for processing:
Fresh pork
Fresh beef
Steak (lean meat)

NOTE: Fresh is defined as; the products are uncooked before processing

Product properties
Individual product weight: 5 – 225 g;?Meat temperature: > -2 oC;?
Minimal dimensions of meat?Fresh: pieces >16 mm * 16mm * 115 mm;
Frozen: pieces > 8 mm * 8 mm * 80 mm;

Capacity is depending on batch size and process time. This can vary between products, additives and process temperature. Further changeover/ rinsing and loading/ unloading time influence the capacity. Therefore a fixed capacity can’t be given.
Some indicative capacities are given, in case after each cycle loading/ unloading time is chosen fixed at 1,5 minutes.