BladeStop™ Bandsaw

Meat bandsaw accidents result in masses of injuries such as severe cuts , muscle damage, nerve and tendon damage and amputations.

This innovative product provides all users of bandsaws with significant benefits. By implementing  a BladeStop™ Bandsaw machine you can:

  • Safety - Increase bandsaw operator’s safety
  • Workers – Improve personnel morale; happy and motivated workers
  • Company – Improve company’s image as an attractive workplace
  • Production – Reduce production time lost due to injuries
  • Compensation – Greatly reduce worker’s compensation cost
  • Insurance – Reduce insurance premiums
  • Uptime – Increase processing uptime
  • Employment Costs – Reduce operator turnover and training costs
  • OH&S – Promote positive OH&S related to bandsaw operation
  • Spoilage – Reduce product spoilage