Nock Cortex CBF 496 skinning machine for salmon


Automatic skinning machine with NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER® optimized for skinning fresh and smoked salmon. With the NOCK Cortex CBF 496 SALMON you achieve deeper skinning in the area of the dark side muscle due to the standard hard pressure roller for salmon. This effects more pressure in the middle of the fillet and therefore a deeper skinning. The sides of the fillets are skinned less deep.

This skinnner can be used for 3 methods of skinning;
- deep skinning with sharp blade
- thin skinning (shallow skinning) with sharp blade
- pulling-off the skin with blunt blade (silver skinning)

.: Skinning width: 430 mm
.: Skinning speed: 24 m/min
.: Blade gap: 0 - 5 mm
.: Maximum throughput height: 70 mm
.: Apply length on infeed conveyor: 400 mm
.: Dimensions (L x W x H): 1860 x 800 x 1190
.: Electrical connection: 3 AC - 400 V - 50 Hz IEC 60309 16 A 6h
.: Motor performance: 0,75 kW