Norfo B36 Scan Portioner - Sold

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The Norfo B36 ScanPortioner is a high precision portion cutter which is ideal for cutting boneless meat products, beef, pork, veal, lamb and salmon to fixed weight and/or length. This machine can also be used for poultry, turkey or even fish. This high-capacity portion cutter can make up to 1000 cuts per minute and has the option to cut in a 45 degree angle.

Ideal for; Pork loin, -neck, -shoulder, -belly, (smoked) bacon, tender loin, ribeye, rump, flat iron steak, turkey breast and salmon

Maximum througput: up to 5500 kg (depends on product size and portion size)
Conveyer speed: up to 500 mm/sec
Cutting speed: up to 1000 cuts/min
Memory capacity: up to 84 programms
Cutting angle: 45 to 90 degrees
Accuracy: 95-98%
Power: 8 kW