Semi Staal Tub washing System - Sold

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Full automatic tub washing system for 20-100 tubs per hour.
With the TW2 solution, infeeding of tubs/tote is done on one side of the washing section and discharged on the opposite side resulting in a higher capacity and separation of the clean and unclean side.This tub/tote washer solution is equipped with a pre- and after-rinse solution.

easy to operate and maintain
Plug and play system
Amongst the lowest “Total Cost of Ownership” in the industry
Easy access to inside of machine through large doors
Nozzles are individually positioned to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned
Nozzles are positioned close to the surface for optimal cleaning
Rotating nozzle system for outside cleaning of tub
Indexing nozzle system for inside cleaning of tubs
The tub is fixed during the washing process
Only norm components are used
Parametric system design
Environmental friendly – low on water and detergent consumption
Hygienic design / HACCP design