Unifood Descaler 800 DDS - Sold

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With no recirculated water, this machine is an effective bacteria remover. This model is produced in our hygiene design, which makes the machine easy to clean.

Achieve a fish processing line that reaches up to 99% less listeria on the surface of the fish.

Achieve a cleaner fish without compromising on your average through-put time.

Achieve a clean production area and thereby also satisfy your customers with a fillet without any bacteria on the meat.

ADVANTAGE • Removal of scale • Removal of bacteria • Bacteria free processing lines • Scale free processing lines • High capacity of fish • Clean conveyor belts • No scales on the end-product • Easy to clean

OPTIONS • Chemical Dosing Unit; for final disinfection of the fish • Automatic Rotary Filter; for separation of scales and water • De-sliming nozzles