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Fish / Poultry - Marel Flowline 2x16 station batcher/grader
This Marel flowline 2 x 16 station batcher/grader can make batches up to 10 kg. each

G600/460 grading belt
Conveyor: 560 mm
Weight range:up to 10 kg per batch
Nr. of stations:2 x 16

Meat - TVI GMS 1200 multicut portioning system
The GMS 1200 portions any type of red meat, of any consistency and cut type, optimally in terms of weight and minimal to no trim.

Various applications
• Slicing small and medium-sized meat products
• Cutlets, steaks, minute steaks
• Butterfly schnitzels
• Slices of large pieces of meat

Meat / Poultry - Valuedrum processing line
This injecting-Marinating ValueDrum line consists of;
Guenther GZB350 conveyor with hopper
Guenther PIH 210 MC2R Brine Injector
Marel Hopperscale
Stork Titan/Marel Valuedrum TB1111

Fish / Poultry - Marel/Scanvaegt SC5414 Multihead weigher
Product: Different types of fresh, frozen or core frozen product.
Portion sizes: Depending of application the 2 liter series can go from 25g up to 50kg with intelligent multidrop
Capacities: Depending of application the SC5414 can produce up to a speed of 120 portions per minute

Meat / Fish / Poultry - Marel 6-station compact grader
The Compact Grader CG62 XL is designed to grade large pieces of product, including whole fish and fillets and other raw material up to 70 cm long and 25cm wide at a throughput of up to 80 pieces a minute.

Fish - Marel IPM3 X600 portion cutter for salmon
Suitable for use with salmon, whitefish and almost any other species, the Marel IPM lll LaserEye Intelligent Portioning Machine is the ideal solution for high-value portioning of fillets into pre-defined weights and shapes.

Meat / Fish / Poutry - Scanveagt 8 station grader
Scanvaegt 4800 8 station whole fish grader.
Belt width 600 mm

contact us for more info or a quotation.

Meat - MHS PCE100-21EB portion cutter-slicer
This PCE E slicer with double blade is perfect for products with or without bones, like meat, beef olive, chops, bacon, roasting meat, cold cut, fish or cheese. They guarantee a smooth processing of fresh, frozen or slightly frozen meat (up to -4°C).

Fish / Poultry - Baader 601 soft separator
This Baader 601 bone separator is used for separating raw meat material from waste components, such as cartilages, veins, skin and bones. It has a capacity of up to 800 kg/h.

Fish - Marel IPM3 X600 Portion cutter
Designed to meet the needs of larger operators, the Marel IPM lll LaserEye X600 is a dual-lane unit operating at a cutting speed of up to 8 cuts per second on each of its twin blades and capable of performing the work of up to 8-10 workers.

Fish - Marel/Carnitech CT1610 fish washer - deslimer
This Carnitech CT1610 De-slimer/fish washer efficiently rinses off slime, blood and bacteria from salmon and trout before processing. Due to high water pressure the fillets are thoroughly rinsed on both sides.

Fish / Poultry - Norfo B35 portion cutter
Now for sale, our Norfo B35 Portion cutter for fish or poultry, which can cut in a 45 to 90 degree angle. The machine has been completely serviced in our warehouse.
The cutting angle is adjustable, allowing you to present your product in a more attractive way.

Miscellaneous - Carnitech 1403 Salt/Spice dispenser
The salt/spice dispenser is designed for dry-salting/spicing of salmon fillets or other products e.g. tuna, mackerel fillets or loins of swordfish. The machine can handle salt, sugar/salt mixtures and various spices.

Packaging - Poly-clip TSCA 120-18 sealing/double clipping machine
This TSCA 120 Automatic Sealing/Double Clipping Machine processes flat film from a roll into a ready-to-fill tube which is securely closed by the integral clipping unit. All commonly used films, coated or uncoated, as well as laminates up to 120 mm in calibre can be processed.

Miscellaneous - ScanBatcher 4700 4 station batcher/grader
The Scanvaegt 4700 ScanBatcher carries out virtually any grading or batching job. With the new ScanBatcher 4700, multiproduct batching to fixed weights and counts is now a reality, with accuracies previously unobtainable.

Fish - Marel IPS300 slicer for fresh salmon
The IPS 3000 system is a complete solution for an automatic and efficient production of sliced salmon in party packs for the retail business. With laser detection of the fillets, you will achieve an accuracy on the final product which has never been reached before.

Meat/Poultry - Talsa Mix-E 100 litre paddle mixer
These Talsa mixers are all from 2010-2012 and are equiped with the exclusive patented dual-armed paddle system: while one arm stirs the product from the bottom to the top of the bowl, the other arm simultaneously stirs it from the top to the bottom, thus reducing mixing time.

Fish - Fomaco FGM88 M3 double head injector
Up to 12 tons/hour
3 mm - 2 x 88 quadro
9,2 kW

Meat / Poultry - Several Mixers/grinder
We have several mixers/grinders in stock. For example a Koneteollisuus LM-42/A or a Kolbe MEW32 mixer/grinder.
Please have a look at our current stock and contact us for more info.

Meat - Carnitech CT3107 frozen block grinder
This Carnitech CT3107 grinder is from 2010, has a single knive set and is in a very good condition. Carnitech's 3107 grinder is designed for grinding mainly frozen blocks, but is also suitable for the grinding of fresh meatpet food or fish feed up to 10,000 kg per hour.

Meat - Marel/Carnitech CT3103 Fresh meat grinder
The Carnitech 200 CT3103 grinder is designed for the mincing/grinding of fresh fist size products and is equipped with a single knife set and has the option for a bone elimination system. As a standard, the grinder is delivered with a trolley for accessories.

Meat / Poultry - CFS UniGrind 200 universal meat grinder
Compact mincer for fine and coarse grinding of fresh and frozen meat. This model has a long worm and a 3 piece 200 mm knife set (fixed pre-cutter, cut knife and final hole-plate)

Meat / Poultry - CFS ProJector 450 injector
This CFS ProJector 450 is a 2 head brine injector suitable for both Bone-in and boneless products. each needle head has 105 needles and injection only happens in down stroke.Capacity can go up to 5000 kg/h

Packaging - Henkelman Polar 2-95 vacuum packer
At the moment we have two used Henkelman Polar 2-95 vacuum packers in stock. These are the largest double-chamber vacuum packers Henkelman has to offer and are fully serviced in our warehouse.

Fish - Baader 51 skinner
This Baader 51 is an ideal skinning machine for fillets cut from white fish, blue whiting, halibut and red fish. This machine seizes the skin without initial cut from the tail end, right where the skin begins. This results in a higher yield.

Fish - Geba WSM100D salmon slicer
This Geba WSM 100 D Salmon Slicer has a maximum capacity of up to 120 cuts per minute (2 x 60) and can be used for products with a temperature of -2°C to +5°C. The double lane slicer can work with fillets of up to 195 mm.

Meat / Poultry / Fish - De Jong multiformer / extruder
This DVSK 6 channel Vacuum extruding machine / attachment from DJM Foodprocessing is ment to be linked to a Vacuum stuffer. This machine is ideal for forming/extruding meat medallions, chicken nuggets, fish fingers and other snacks.

Miscellaneous - Aeromix Aero 4.0V whipping machine
In the land of milk and yogurt, mousse and ice cream, butter and fat or marshmallows, a whipping and mixing machine like this Aeromix Aero 4.0 V is indispensable.

Packaging - Automatic sausage de-clipper
This de-clipper is suitable for the removal of clips from sausages and can be used in combination with a thermoformer. The maximum capacity is 120 sausages per minute and the machine is suitable for natural as well as for synthetic casing.

Meat / Poultry / Fish - Baader 605 Separator
This Baader 605 separates up to 3500 kg's of raw product per hour and is equiped with an automatic infeed screw. Different raw products can be refined, e.g.; fish, chiken wishbones, trimmingslayers, chicken backs, legs and chicken carcasses.

Packaging -  Polyclip TSCA 160 Sealer/Clipper
New in stock; a brand new Polyclip TSCA 160 sealing and clipping machine. The double clipper is still in its box and has never been used. It comes with the parts suitable for chubs of the calibres 40, 50 and 70 mm

Meat -  Marel Carnitech 3115 Meat grinder
This Marel Carnitech 3115 has been completely overhauled. A whole new electrical unit has been mounted onto the machine and the control panels have been renewed as well.

Fish - Baader 52 fish skinner
This Baader 52 skinner for Salmon, Red fish, white fish, tuna, tilapia, pangasius and catfish  is in an excellent condition. It can do silver skinning as well as deep skinning.

Fish - Carnitech 2630 Filleting machine
This Carnitech 2630 Filleting Machine is in absolute mint condition and is designed for salmon, trout and other species with a similar bone structure.

Fish size:2-7 kg
Capacity:Up to 20 fish/minute

Meat / Poultry - CFS RecoScreen Meat separator
The CFS RecoScreen with the 250 litre VanePump effectively removes (soft-) bone, connective tissue and gristle from a variety of poultry. It upgrades low-cost meat to make it suitable fo various products like patties and other ground meat applications.

Fish - Dekker dip glazer
We have multiple Dekker dip glazers for the fish processing industry in stock at the moment. This glazers are used for the application of a protective coating of ice around frozen fish products.

Fish - Baader 220 Nobbing & Filleting
This Baader 220 is the ideal machine for de-heading,nobbing and filleting herring or mackerel. This machine can also be used for de-heading and filleting trout or just the de-heading and nobbing of sardines.

Meat - Fomaco FGM 208 Injector
This Fomaco injector is commonly used in the production of bacon and ham, pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, steaks and moisture enhanced fresh meat to name a few.

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