About us

IB-Trade specialised in buying and selling machinery for the food industry. We trade in new and used machines for the processing and packaging of fish, meat and poultry. We are dealer for several top brands like Marel, Sepamatic, Treif, Laska, Kilia, Carnitech and CFS. Also Henkelman packaging machines, Handtmann vacuum fillers and Fomaco injectors for meat and fish.

With years of experience and worldwide contacts in the food industry we can help you in optimizing your food production with the best second-hand or new machinery. More than 75% of our business is international. We can arrange your transport, export and installation.

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IB-Trade B.V.
Poseidonweg 6
68239 DK Lelystad
The Netherlands
+31 (0)85 066 0247
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