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Trio Merken Pagina

Trio Food Processing Machinery has specialized in supplying machinery and technologies since 1898. The company focuses primarily on the production and design of cost-effective solutions for deep skinning and skinning of soft fish fillets and on boning salmon and trout.

The company first entered the market with the development of the freezer drum. The freeze drum or “Freeze Drum” is a specific ways of skinning. The drum is frozen so the skin of the salmon sticks.

Trio Merken Pagina

About Trio

Trio is known for its industrial and high-quality machines, which are designed to be highly efficient and user-friendly. Trio has been part of the Baader brand since 2013. The company is a subsidiary of Baader Norge AS. The company has solutions that are fully integrated into the BAADER Fish product portfolio and are also available as stand-alone products.

Trio food Processing Machinery AS is a company primarily focused on manufacturing. Also, the design of cost-effective solutions for deep skinning and skinning soft fish fillets and for boning salmon and trout.

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Trio Merken Pagina

Why IB Food-Machines

At IB Food-Machines we distinguish ourselves from other companies by carefully selecting those we work with. By working closely with reliable suppliers, IB Food-Machines is able to offer high-quality food processing machines and equipment that meet the needs and requirements of their customers.

For IB Food-Machines, the focus on quality and reliability is one of the reasons we distinguish ourselves in the food processing industry. Our customers can rely on receiving top quality products, which leads to long-term relationships and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the cooperation with the best suppliers, IB Food-Machines stays ahead of the competition and our company continues to grow and expand.