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Xuclà is located in Les Preses (Girona). The brand has been designing and building machines for over 60 years for the food industry (transport, logistics, hygiene, disinfection, and washing).

In their two production centers they actively design and manufacture disinfection equipment, box washers, washing and disinfection cabinets for racks and carts, container washing cabinets and cutting carts, washing and drying tunnels for boxes, trays and pallets, sanitary stations, etc.

In addition, they actively distinguish themselves in the design, advice, development, and installation of meat cutting rooms, conveyor belts and a wide range of stainless steel machines and tools for the food industry.

About Xucla

In recent years they have managed to consolidate the industrial box and container washing machines. The lines of sanitizing equipment are suitable for all sectors of the food processing industry, with Xuclà actively applying three basic pillars in their designs.

– Excellence in washing and drying
– Sustainability (Savings in water and energy consumption)
– Competitiveness

This has led to the installation of their equipment with excellent results at some of the most important companies in the food industry in Spain, France, Latin America, Asia and part of South West Europe.

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Why IB Food-Machines

At IB Food-Machines we distinguish ourselves from other companies by carefully selecting those we work with. By working closely with reliable suppliers, IB Food-Machines is able to offer high-quality food processing machines and equipment that meet the needs and requirements of their customers.

For IB Food-Machines, the focus on quality and reliability is one of the reasons we distinguish ourselves in the food processing industry. Our customers can rely on receiving top quality products, which leads to long-term relationships and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the cooperation with the best suppliers, IB Food-Machines stays ahead of the competition and our company continues to grow and expand.