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BladeStop is a safety technology developed by the Meat & Livestock Australia company to improve worker safety in meat processing plants. It is designed to quickly stop a band saw blade when it comes in contact with an operator’s hand. Injuries that may result from such an accident are prevented or reduced.

BladeStop technology uses a sensor system that can detect when a person comes into contact with the blade. The system then activates a braking mechanism to stop the blade from rotating as quickly as possible. This technology can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury in meat processing plants where band saws are widely used.

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About BladeStop

The BladeStop can be purchased not only as a complete band saw but also retrofitted. For example, BladeStop technology can be fitted to existing band saws already in use in the workshop. In this case, it is a cost-effective solution to improve workplace safety. Many meat processing companies around the world have adopted BladeStop technology.

It is essential to them and part of their workplace safety protocols. BladeStop technology is one of the most important developments in the meat processing industry because it improves worker safety.

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