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Borncut has designed different types of portioning machines to cut food products into precise and uniform portions. These machines are widely used in the food industry such as for portioning meat, fish, poultry, cheese, vegetables and other types of foods.

Borncut portioning machines come in different models and sizes because each with unique features and capabilities. Some machines are designed for large-scale production and can quickly and efficiently process large quantities of food, while others are more compact and suitable for smaller-scale operations.

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About Borncut

Borncut’s founders invented the “portion cutter” as we know it back in 1992. They then worked at the company NORFO, a small company located on Bornholm. NORFO was sold to the Danish company Scanvaegt International which yet was later sold again to the island company Marel.

During all that time, the founders were further developing, implementing new technology and developing Bornholm as a global portioning center. All the while, the inventors were further developing portion technology.

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Why IB Food-Machines

At IB Food-Machines we distinguish ourselves from other companies by carefully selecting those we work with. By working closely with reliable suppliers, IB Food-Machines is able to offer high-quality food processing machines and equipment that meet the needs and requirements of their customers.

For IB Food-Machines, the focus on quality and reliability is one of the reasons we distinguish ourselves in the food processing industry. Our customers can rely on receiving top quality products, which leads to long-term relationships and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the cooperation with the best suppliers, IB Food-Machines stays ahead of the competition and our company continues to grow and expand.